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About Gulash Marketing Limited

With over 30 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing, we seek to collaborate with some of the top industry game chargers, putting them together to produce the best recipe for mutual success.

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What We Do

Obtain the financial acumen and commercial talent required to comprehend the complexities of the business and identify possible opportunities and new clients.

Ensure that projects are financially viable.

Help and boost each company brands to important and relevant industry players.

Our professional advisors are experienced and competent business development managers who are motivated and have the relevant skills to ensure that targets are fulfilled and that everything is completed on a timely manner and within budget.

We have the rightful consultants who have all the organisational skills and are ambitious and eager enough to achieve maximum sales and profitability.  

Be part of the development of a product or service, from start until the end, from the design to its implementation. 

Assist with personnel recruitment, training and development.

Development of new and existing clients in order to diversify their consumer base in a specialised niche market.

Support and increase the company’s market visibility. 

Being aware of contemporary networking techniques at a high level.

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